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Our Motivation and Mission

The Leadership Current is dedicated to increasing the leadership capacity in our community through a variety of resources and events designed to move us beyond mere concepts about leadership into the actual practice of leadership in fresh, new ways.


We believe the future belongs to leader-rich organizations and societies. But what does this look like? How do we define leadership? What can we do to cultivate leaders today? How can we become better leaders? In our families, in our businesses, in our schools, in our government, and in our religious and philanthropic organizations?

We invite you to join The Leadership Current movement and to actively engage with others in our community who are taking personal initiative to create an impact that makes a difference that matters.

Leadership How-To's
for a Changing World

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A 6-week small group conversation series led by Dr. Ed Brenegar.

Tuesdays, 8:00am-9:15am

CURRENT, 210 W. Fourth Street

(Coffee, juice, and pastries provided.)

See below for more info and to register!

How To Be a Leader-Rich Organization

A leadership starved organization is dependent on a few people to solve problems, take initiative to communicate with others, and develop new ideas for expanding the impact of the company. You can train people to take leadership initiative. By elevating the leadership capacities of your people you become a leader-rich organization. Let’s explore this idea for building confidence in your people.

How To Align Work
and Home


We talk a lot of balancing work and home life. Is it hard because they are too different from one another? Or is it because our lives are not aligned for a purpose that allows for our work and home life to work in sync? Let’s talk about how we can align our lives for impact.

How To Solve
Every Problem


We make problem-solving harder than it needs to be. The Circle of Impact model not only can solve almost any of your problems, but also show you why the problem exists. Every problem brought into the conversation will be solved. Guaranteed!  

How To Be a
Person of Impact


What is a person of impact? It is someone who makes a difference that matters. You may already be a person of impact because of how you live and work. Come and let’s talk about how to expand your impact. You’ll make a difference that matters for others as well as for yourself. 

How To Make
Partnerships Work


Most business partnerships are structured by the business needs. A healthy partnership forms around shared values and purpose, and relationships of respect, trust, and mutual accountability. We will talk about how to create a healthy partnership and heal a broken partnership. 

How To Build Trust
in Organizations


When there is a loss of trust, isolation grows. We lose our sense of awareness of what is going on. Trust in life is built upon respect for one another. In business, it also requires not only respect for the authority structure but also a willingness to be mutually accountable to one another. We’ll talk about specific ways to turn around a trustless situation into a trust filled one. 


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CURRENT cultivates authentic community among joyful and helpful entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers through locally inspired and uniquely designed modern, flexible workspaces. 

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